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Jordan Hall, over at the UnionRoom blog, put together this really cool post, "The Webs Best And Their Favourite ". Here, he asked 12 designers to briefly talk about their favourite font. No great surprise I picked , but I do give a few reasons why I like it so.

Interestingly (but not a total surprise), I was not the only one to pick Helvetica, so it was very interesting to hear the other respective reasons. Also, good to find out other fonts exist other then Helvetica, which was frankly a shock to the system!

So head on on over to the UnionRoom and find out the favourite fonts of the following designers :

Selene M. Bowlby,

Sarah Parmenter,

Aaron Russell,

Daniel Oliver,

Wez Maynard,

Brian Hoff,

Chris Spooner,

Phil Lowery,

John O’Nolan,

David Airey,

Jacob Cass

and of course yours truly.

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