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David Watson, a graphic designer from Trebleseven sent in his stunning typographic football World Cup poster for me to share on my website. Not being particularly fond of football it would take a lot to get me to post about it. My first reaction was OMG. Colour, bold, lovely typography and beautifully designed. Then the clincher, the poster is all in a good cause.

David created the post to support Soccer Aid. Sales of the A1 double sided poster raises money for Soccer Aid - a British charity event which raises money for UNICEF.

The front side of the poster (below) lists all the groups, A-H so you can clearly see which countries are in which group. A calendar runs down the right hand side listing chronologically all the matches to be played in the tournament:

Front - UNICEF worldcup calendar poster

Reverse - UNICEF worldcup calendar poster

I want that poster

The A1 double sided poster, produced in collaboration with G&B printers and PhoeniXmotion paper, is currently on press but will be available to buy soon for the princely sum of £10 (£7 for the print, £3 for post/packaging).

For more info and to buy one, contact David Watson on [email protected]

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