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Finally, I have two Dribbble invites to give out to two creative type people. Read on.

What is Dribbble

Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screen shots of the designs and applications you’re working on.

It is a 2-way community, it relies on people submitting work as well as taking time to comment on others submitted work. There is a strong bias to constructive criticism,  blatantly rude and negative remarks are strongly discouraged. Keep that for YouTube. This means that it is a great place to seek feedback for designs or early ideas and concepts.

If you have not heard of Dribbble by now then the About page will give you all the details you need.

Dribbble is invaluable

I have found Dribbble utterly invaluable. As I work alone, I have no one to particularly to bounce ideas off, and with logo design this is important to get a wider perspective. With Dribbble I can get early feedback on potential concepts and even completed ideas.

For my logo designs, I have even shown clients this positive feedback, this is a great way to show them that an idea you have done is well received in general. It's a great confidence booster for a client to see this level of positive feedback from other experienced and talented designers.

A good example of how the feedback for a logo design helped a client with their decision, was for the Webville logo design.

Getting an invite is tricky at best

You will also no doubt know that Dribbble invites are very tightly controlled, in a similar vein to FFFFound. Even when one is 'drafted', you are not given invites to give out, with FFFFound you at least get one invite to give out straightaway. So invites for Dribbble are like gold dust. I have been on Dribbble for a few months and got my first batch of invites yesterday, along with a lot of other Dribbblers.

As members with invites, we are asked to 'Draft Wisely!' It is encouraged to give the invites out to designers who you would like to have on your team. As each player  you draft is shown up in ones 'drafted list', I for example was drafted by Rogie King (RogieKing). This means, he can be held partly responsible for for the quality of work being uploaded by anyone he 'drafts'.

Everyone can see who Rogie drafted, and can be blamed if I was to upload a constant stream of rubbish. So with this in mind, Rogie would be looking to draft someone with work that he likes. So when you are drafted by someone on Dribbble, it can be also seen as a 'thumbs up' to the work you do.

So I try not to let Rogie down with the quality of my 'shots'

As Dribbble says

Help keep the league clean. Resist the urge to send invites to folks who enjoy uploading photos of their cat. Also! The players you draft will show up in your “drafted list” so we’ll know who to blame for the aforementioned cat photos.

How to get one of these invites

However I word this, it will probably sound like I am being a little elitist, but there is not much I can do about that. There is a standard of quality about Dribbble, so this means I am encouraged to 'draft' designers that have a level of design that I personally find captivating.

The important thing to remember here is that my decision will be based on design that appeals to me, so it will be subjective. This means that if you are not chosen, this is in no way a reflection of your skills as a designer, I need to make that clear. The two designers I that I end up selecting will just have work that 'speaks' to me, so please don't see it as a personal snub.

Although I mostly upload logo designs, I'm not looking to just 'draft' other logo designers. I highly respect solid design in general. So if you create  websites, illustrate, design and create, then PLEASE take a shot at the giveaway.

Follow these steps

I have decided to keep aspects of this a little secretive, I don't want to make everyone have to bear their souls to everyone else, so read on.

  1. To show your interest, please just leave a brief comment below stating your interest.
  2. Email me a link to your portfolio: [email protected] If you have any work you are particular proud of, or work that best represents what you do, send me that also.
  3. Also, a few words on the style of work you plan to mostly upload to Dribbble, be it illustration, web design, print design, icons, logo design etc.

With this in mind, it's actually a pretty tricky situation to be in, so just know that I will be basing my selections on 'what rocks my boat'.

I will choose two portfolios from the emails I receive and you will receive an email invite from Dribbble. I am not open to any form of bribery. Individual requests wil be treated with the contempt they surely deserve. I will announce winners  on this blog and on Twitter in about a week's time.

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