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Read up on Twitter WMA Part 1 - (Weapon of Mass Addiction) if you missed it first time around.

Follow me. follow you, you un-followed me now so I'll un-follow you! Sound familiar?

Damn right it does. Way to familiar. All this tit-for-tat, or tat-for-tit depending on your perspective, glass half empty or glass half full sort of thing.

It is an ongoing wave of emotion, as people DO get emotional over this. I know I do. It's like a deeply personal thing, yet it's also so very clinical. Twitter can be your best friend, soul mate and companion one minute, yet break you down the next. Leaving you in a spinning world of self doubt and self loathing.

You race forward dragging with you endless new followers, picking them up from the gutter or hoping to get attracted by some relatively Blog famous celeb walking out the nightclub, just hoping for a small hint of recognition. Blog celebs, the celebrity circuit, we idolise them and respect them because they do stuff we like and admire, some don't of course.

Twitter is a double edged sword, make no mistake. I use it, and more significantly I'm abused by it. It sucks me dry knowing I can't resist to check the next update. Did someone reply to me? Has someone Sent me a DM?

Then the overwhelming sense of failure when your Tweet has all but gone unnoticed. But yet you still keep refreshing, just hoping for some small sign of recognition. Endless Refresh's, then the API Limit Exceeded Warning, you have been cut off temporarily because your desperate need for involvement and sense of belonging and self validation has been brutally squashed.

Then the apportioning of blame onto Twitter, or the Twitter App you use, you fail to see that your own very actions caused Twitter to lock you down. You only have yourself to blame. But hey, that's not fair right? It should be man enough to cope with my small time demands? But apparently it's not totally geared up for your lack of self worth and self pity. Twitter has limits, and it enforces it on those that abuse it. Yes, you only have yourself to blame.

Twitter is WMA . Weapon of Mass Addiction.

Personally, I am loosing hours of productive time over it, yet I'm also gaining contacts and business because of it. So is this time well spent or not? Yet I have little time to work on these new contacts because I am on Twitter for hours and hours. Justifying to myself that it's a worthy cause, because I am marketing myself, working on creating a personal and professional brand, the ImJustCreative Image, the Professional Logo Designer, the new kid on the bloke, but not new and not a kid and actually I have been around for ages.

Welcome to Freelancing... and all this is work right?

So, Ok, all this marketing, researching, following leads, it's not creative designing, but nevertheless, I am working on other aspects. I know I am branding myself successfully, a lot of which is down to Twitter, I can call myself a Professional Logo Designer, I can be proud of my years of experience. Twitter has opened new doors to me, unheard of before Twitter launched itself into our lives, but equally it seems quite apparent that it also wants us locked up, doomed to live out our lives in 140 characters or less.

Twitter can be your worst enemy, but it's also your best friend. Twitter is your personal assistant , but it's also the janitor that talks to you endlessly without mercy.

You feel you can control it, maybe you can sometimes. But we all succumb, those that use it most are the ones that lose it the most. Ultimately, we need Twitter. Twitter has meshed itself into our personal and professional lives. It has the potential to rip our real physical social world apart, Twitter has us melded together... where will it end?

No doubt after 140 characters. Then it starts all over...

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