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Helvetica Man

Grabed this cool article in my RSS feed (feel free to sub up-just a small hint) this morning from the neat IDSGN blog, which they quote : "Long before modern icon libraries like Helveticons, designers and sign-makers were forced to use a mishmash of symbols. Until the Helvetica man came along…" Logo design for the rest of us.

Worth popping over to IDSGN and reading the post in full. Photos from IDSGN.

The Adventures of Helvetica Man

You can also view the amazing adventures of Helvetica man on this great Flickr Collection :


If you love Helvetica, then I have a great Posterous blog that is all about it. Just a scrapbook of everything Helvetica.

LoveHelvetica logo design

LoveHelvetica Flickr Pool

If you have font love for Helvetica, and find yourself creating typographic designs using Helvetica, then feel free to submit them to the LoveHelvetica Flickr Pool.

Submissions are not moderated, but I do check from time to time to ensure the quality is kept at a decent level.

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This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed [email protected] & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed