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The Coffee Co•Op Brand Identity by Jake Dugard has taken my breath away; this is some seriously cool creative talent. 

The real travesty is that The Coffee Co•Op is a fictional company— this was for a grad school campaign—so you can't even enjoy the spectacular creative work that Jake has put into this.

I would even go so far as saying this has to be one of the best coffee identities I have seen, real or concept.

That for me is a real crying shame, and almost seems such a hideous waste of such a great coffee identity. There will be no holding one of those gorgeous coffee mugs in your hand. :0(

Before I realised this was a concept I was about to hook it over on LogoStack. No can do.

Putting all that aside; kudos to Jake, and hat-tip to The Dieline for posting it originally.

View The Coffee Co•Op Identity over on Jake's portfolio


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