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Three Vector Styles from Gustav Jerlardtz

Three new font styles added to the ImJustCreative free and opensource font library. This time a triple helping from Gustav Jerlardtz.

I originally saw this new font, Teodoria, on his Behance profile several months back. I emailed him asking if would consider making it available for a free download, and here we are.


Teodoria Font Designed by

Gustuv Jerlardtz
Behance Profile -
Twitter - Jerlardtz
Facebook - Gustav Jerlardtz


The assignment was to create a personal font. That was to be used in business cards and personal logotypes. So, I created a round square-fond, as i like to call it. And when I finished it, I kept going and made 2 more.

Teodoria comes in 3 styles : Teodoria Round, Teodoria Regular and Teodoria Sharp. Please remember, it's not a working font. It is supplied as a editable vector EPS. I have saved it down to Illustrator v88 for epic compatibility.


Download Teodoria and use for free.


If you wish to distribute this font in any way, please contact Gustav directly for appropriate permission.

Teodoria in action. A retrospective exhibition, version 1.

Notice the small grey dots between the black squares in the image below

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