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I have been incredibly fortunate over the last year to have had a steady, and often quite rapid, flow of logo design work to keep me busy.

The latter part of 2011 was particular fruitful overflowing into the first two months of 2012 providing me with some fresh work for my logo design portfolio.

Towards end of February I felt the need to slow down a little and allowed myself a breather whilst tying up a number of loose ends that can accumulate over time. The other reason for this little 'pause' was to provide myself with some time to wind-down for my next holiday towards end of April.

I have a few projects booked in for end of April and so am now ready to take on new logo design clients for the middle of the month of May and onwards.

If you are looking for some logo design work then I would really love to hear from you. I am feeling really confident and enthusiastic right now and looking forward to what the next few months may bring me.

Contact Or Hire Me

You can contact me by telephone, email or Skype if you would like to just have an initial chat.

If you are in a position where you can commit then you have a few options: take a look through my brief Info page, check out my logo design prices or just head on over to the creative brief form which as the name suggests, collects information from which the all important design brief is based on.

Both photographs show me with my two amazing dogs: Mr Dylan (below) and Miss Charley (above).

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