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Graham Logo Smith

"If you're a designer, you ain't shit if you don't touch your face in photographs." — DTTF

I so had to get in on this fun. I love touching my own face, rarely a moment goes by when I'm not touching it in one place or another. Now I have a valid reason to share on my face touching photographs with you.

I get that this post, ideally, ought to be about the actual website: Designers Touching Their Faces, but I think a few more of me touching my first is more important.

You are just so very welcome.

Graham Logo Smith-3
Graham Logo Smith
Graham Logo Smith-14

Designers Touching Their Faces

And let's not forgot the reason I started making this post in the first place:

Designers Touching their faces

Once you have admired my photograph, then I suppose you could also take a look at the Designers Touching Their Faces Tumblr, by Nick Foster over on

I just love these Tumblr projects that pop up, and this one is close to my heart. Can't quite tell if it's a piss-take, or a serious homage to the art of face-touching…

Well done to Nick Foster for showing us the admirable company we are in.

I find myself, for the first time, wondering if I should be worried by these imitators. Touching ones face is a true art, it can't be taught, it's gift that keeps on giving…

This was found on Swiss Miss


PS: Oh, and as luck would have it, there is another one of me. The classic 'head in hand' trying to soothe that aching headache.

Graham Logo Smith-16


Checking to see if I'm still alive…

Graham Logo Smith-15 copy

Design Jargon Bullshit

Fantastically funny Tumblr full of Design Jargon Bullshit. Some of these are just unreal, some are simply hilarious.

I think the less the logo/design actually relates to the brief, then the more colourful the bullshit becomes. I'm gonna die if I find one of my bullshit statements in here!

A sample:




» Via: The Fox is Black
» Source: Design Jargon Bullshit

One can find some pretty sweet things on Tumblr, and this FourSquare BrandBook, or identity guidelines, is one of those sweet finds.

Initially posted on Mari Sheibley's Tumblr where she goes onto to explain that FourSquare is her employer. This Tumblr post was subsequently reblogged by LaughingSquid which is where I noticed it in my Tumblr dashboard stream.

Visit PlayFourSquare to view the complete BrandBook.

Adobe CS5 Icons Unevolved

Dark background version of above on Flickr

With the fantabulous success of the Unevolved Brands project, I thought it would be neat to take a look at various well known brand icons, opposed to brand identities.

The same rule applies, Unevolving each icon down to a number of perfect circles representing both letters, words and logomarks etc. The idea isn't to make it harder or easier to interpret each Unevolved design, rather just to really see how they end up.

It's not really a quiz, but a fun visual study.

I could have 'not' titled these as Adobe CS icons, but I think it would have been close to me patrionising you. The result of the Unevolved process leaves the icons still very much resembling their true versions.

These are the original Adobe CS icons over the last few years

If you feel so inclined to name each coloured icon to the CS application counterpart then feel free.

Follow Unevolved Brands on Tumblr and Flickr

ImJustCreative 230

Website Redesign for ImJustCreative

Just a head's up on the latest web site design tinkerings. Not being a web designer or seasoned CSS coder, I have to stick with what I know. This knowledge limitation actually helps me keep my site looking clean and simple. This is the cleanest it has been and am happy to see it evolve like this.

This is a project in cleanliness and clutter free site design. My aim is to remove everything surplus to requirements, but still keeping the design interesting and clean. As I said, I am no web designer, so my own skills are very limited.

There are aspects of this site that are far from ideal, but patience is a virtue and all that, it will get there.

For this reason, I am hiring a professional web developer to completely re-develop this site once I have got the initial aesthetics nailed down. You could say this website is a working mock-up. The new site will be super powerful under the hood, hosting a number of useful and practical, not to mention seriously cool enhancements. Hopefully, all this by Christmas.

CargoCollective Inspiration

ImJustCreative 231

The inspiration comes from the amazingly cool CargoCollective portfolio website, where I have my main external portfolio located.

I have always loved the way they present their themes, even the admin section of the site is super clean and easy to use. So once I had uploaded my logo to my CargoCollective site, I realised that this look was exactly what I wanted for ImJustCreative. So that was my benchmark for this redesign.

Tumblr Cargo Theme Inspiration

ImJustCreative 232

Further inspiration then came from the excellent Cargo theme on Tumblr, which is what I have used for my ImJustCreative Tumblr theme. So keeping my external sites looking similar to my main website, really helps with familiarity and brand awareness. All I need now is for someone to code me a Cargo theme for Posterous, then I will be most happy.

On a serious note, if anyone does want a Posterous theme code job, please get in contact. Would love my Posterous blogs to look similar to this site and Tumblr etc.

A way to go

So this is a small post just to give you a head's up on what is happening over here, and some of the reasons why I am taking this route This sort of design is most representative of my own design style, regardless of my inabilities in web development. For me, this is a useful limitation, helps to keep things focused. I can't go off on a tangent, as I don't have the knowledge to do so.