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During the briefing process with a client, the subject of speech bubbles surfaced, namely they wanted one as an integral part of the logo design. In their case, the concept was quite warranted, but I still felt burdened by the cliché and overuse of speech and thought bubbles in logos.

Interestingly enough, after  provided them with a basic logo concept, that included the speech bubble, they sent me a link to this post entitled Die Speech Bubble Logo, Die.

I did laugh when I first glanced at it.

We have since moved on from incorporating a speech bubble within the logo.

You should know by now that my ability to announce winners for my giveaways are rarely on time. But this time I think I have out done myself by leaps and bounds. Over a month late with the results. Incredible.

Kinda disappointed with the turnout for this one, thought more people would be interested to take part, so interesting to see what really 'turns' people on to participate in giveaways. Will stick to my usual nerdy/geeky 'prizes' next time round. :)

The Winners

So the 4 winners from the Apple iTunes Music and Video Voucher Giveaway are as follows...

First Prize of £50 iTunes Voucher

Sarah Madyson - @MadysonDesigns

Runner Up Prize of £10 Vouchers

Bob Orchard

Henry Bennett

Luke Jones

Winners - How to claim

Please send me a email with your own email, then I will 'gift' the vouchers to you direct from the Apple Store. Congrats, let me know what you buy.

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