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July 5, 2009

FriendFeed – Follow List for Creatives and Social Nerds

FriendFeed logo

This is an existing post, that has been updated.

It started at the beginning

FriendFeed. I was there almost at the beginning, but as with most other new social media platforms, interest sort of faded.  For some reason, I never fully embraced it. Numerous times I flocked back to give it another crack, determined to not feel left out of all the fuss, hype and publicity.

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March 10, 2009

Surely Making Progress in Twitter & Life

This morning, a new follower who found me through TwitterGrader congratulated on me on being pretty high up in the rankings.

Now, hand on heart, I can’t remember the last time I checked TwitterGrader, least even think about looking at their Top 100 list. The last time I did so check I was way down in the 1000′s. 

But the fact that this chap mentioned he found me in the Top 100 naturally piqued my interest.…

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November 4, 2008

Twitter WMA Part 1 – (Weapon of Mass Addiction)

Whilst writing a post on Twitter today I quickly realised that it would either be a very long post, or that I needed to serialize it to stop people falling asleep. The latter seemed to be more favourable.

So here we are. Part 1 of my take on Twitter in the Micro-Blogging and Social Networking Scene.

To get the ball rolling, I’m asking for you to submit to me any posts that you have written about Twitter, to do with Twitter or just slightly referring Twitter.…

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October 24, 2008

White Space – It’s so underrated

White Space. Or lack of.

White Space. It’s so underrated. We nearly always assume more is more.

Ah. Frankly, it’s all overrated noise. The human mind doesn’t take it all in anyway, we scan it, we zip over it, another flashing banner, another advert, another pulsating ‘sign here’ banner. Scanning the first page of a loaded blog usually means I’m scanning for the exit button to get the hell out.…

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September 27, 2008

How StumbleUpon Will Improve Your Blog – Guest Post

GUEST POST – Gary R Hess of

This is the first of a series of Guest Posts that I will be featuring in forthcoming weeks. I’m no expert in many many things, and I will be the first to say, “if someone else can say it better, let them”. So when making decisions to write about a subject but also realising that maybe I might not be able to offer anything of real substance, I will ask around to see if the ‘more informed’ bloggers would like to take up the writing spot.…

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September 4, 2008

StyleTime Causes Me to Wake Up

If you have not been touched by yet then I would say you soon will be, especially as you are now reading about it here, so I guess would be hard not to have not heard it, especially as you have got this far reading.

But point is, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz being generated by which is hard to ignore.…

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May 1, 2008

Get your MyBlogLog Chicklet Logos and Badges here

MyBlogLog has been one of those social network services that I signed up some time ago and really did nothing with for some time. Until now that is.

I am far more active than I used to be with MyBlogLog , and am certainly seeing traffic coming to this site from sites like MyBlogLog . I don’t participate so much in the communities, but I do use it to micro manage my various Social Network sites.…

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April 17, 2008

AlertThingy and Twhirl face off is bad news.

I have been following with avid interest this hot face off between these two new Adobe Air applications. But I see it ending in tears if things are not calmed down a bit.

It’s easy to get carried away with what cool new additions each of them must incorporate next. But is anyone keeping check of the usability factor?

Simply, Twhirl has a nice balance, easy to read, easy to follow whats going on.…

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April 3, 2008

Twitterism. A Twitter Addiction. Twitter and your life…

Just a real mini-post this one, off the back of my last one on Twitter and the English Language.…

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