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The silence of Lambs Helvetica Movie Poster

The Silence of the Lambs

A self initiated poster design based on an actual illustration of Hannibal Lecter that I drew some years ago. The drawing was done in pencil and charcoal only. It's sat in my archives for years, so felt I could add some more life to it by creating a movie poster from it.

Huge high resolution version can be seen on Flickr.


This is one of my 'lighter' reads, but the message is clear as air.

So clear, you would find it hard to actually envisage any depressive being able to convey the thoughts and feelings in a way that a non-depressive might actually have a chance of understanding. Gwyneth manages this in style, humour and decency.

It's a smallish book and will not take long to read, it is littered with wonderful quotes and phrases.

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