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I need a logo designed

Yup, gratuitous self promotion time.

Frankly, it's been a somewhat sloth pace like start to the year, and a couple of logo project cancellations has left me with more space in my calendar than I would like.

"I need a logo designed!"

If you are looking for a 'professional' logo designer—I do so much hate using that overused word, professional, it just makes one sound so dick'ish, but there are reasons to use it on very rare occasions, and for me, this is that one rare occasion—to craft you a meticulously appropriate new logo design, then I'm certainly keen and very able capable.

To help you find your feet, and steer you in the right direction, here are some useful page links for you (hopefully in order of usefulness):

  1. Logo Design Portfolio
  2. Price Guide
  3. FAQ's
  4. Enquiries
  5. Logo Design/Creative Brief (this is a somewhat lengthy form that ultimately needs to be completed before a logo project can start, so feel free to jump straight right in with this)

If forms and things aren't your thing, then please do feel free to just call me up to discuss: 07816 527 462.

Let's create sweet sweet magic together…

Yes. I design logos.

Who's to say I can't design logos, and  spread love and kind words on a special day via my commonly unfunny self promotional images?

I'm going for the hard sell on a day of religious celebration, but I am OK with that because it comes wrapped up in a nice message.

"Yes. I design logos, but far more importantly than that: I wish you all a chocolate fuelled frenzy this Easter."



Why I use Helvetica So Often Self-Promo Poster

Why I use Helvetica So Often - Self-Promo Poster

Continuing my series of Self-Promotion posters based on my new profile photograph, this version takes my quote from a previous post, entitled "Quote : Why I use Helvetica so much".

"People ask me why I use Helvetica so often. I say, “Because it cost me over £1000 to buy, that’s why!" - Graham Smith – 2009