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Always love finding original vintage signage out and about. Finding those faded Victorian signs on the side of buildings is quite a treat. It's  such a throwback to a time when everything was carefully painted, on a huge scale, in the absence of plastic and vinyl.

Not sure how I missed this one. Was just walking down a road in the small town of Seaford, where I live.  I am sure I have seen it before, but only this morning did I actually take note. It's located on the side of a Chinese takeaway, which is the cream painted building on the far left. Everything about this part of the building is vintage, the brickwork, the rusted iron bars in the window.

So tried to work out what the sign actually said, pretty clear it was 'something' Brewery which in itself is quite fascinating. To think Seaford had it's own brewery all those decades ago. My mind instantly moved back in time and I tried to imagine what would have gone on in this building.

Walking on past this side building, you pass the takeaway which occupies the front portion of this building. As we walked past the front door, noticed the name 'Robins' in the tile mosaic. For the first time in 38 years to actually have noticed this, yet it's been there all this time. I wonder how many people from Seaford, are actually aware of this part of our towns history and how many of customers of the takeaway realise they are walking on the mosaic tile entrance of a old brewery.

Just goes to show how one can be so unaware of the details around you.

Have tried to Google Robins Brewery, to find some historic mention but nothing as yet. Would love to dig around and find our more.


Taken, as a lot of my photos are, locally. This is on Seaford Beach, just down from Seaford Head, a collection of small fishing boats that reside on the pebbles until time to go out and catch fish.

These are always the focus of many photographs, they are somewhat of a Seaford icon. 

This will be part of my new Photography Portfolio, a new website dedicated to my photos.

My Thinking

Due to the popularity of these boats being used as the focus of photos, I wanted to try a more creative angle. I had in mind the desire to do some work in Photoshop for this shoot, so I took photos with this in mind.

I wanted to try and make them look like they could of been taken pretty much anywhere, except possible to those of us that live in Seaford and can see the personality of these boats from a mile away. After all, I for one walk past these every day whilst walking my dog Dylan.


The photos taken with my trusted Canon D300 and a 12mm wide angle, which has proven to be the most reliable camera I have ever had, not to mention it surviving 3 months circumnavigating Egypt, one whole week of which was in the Black and White desert.

The Photoshop process was actually pretty involved as I spent a lot of time tweaking the brightness and contrast of individual pebbles and also creating a much more dramatic sky,. You will also noticed the sun hitting the hanging rope from the blue boat, this thin line of white was enhanced with the 'dodge' tool.

Clearly I had to cut-out the boat in order to colourise it as I have. This was simple, but creating the right depth of blue to set against the grey took some trial and error. It involved a lot of retouching of the blue hull to create this soft almost plastic type look, and to scrub out any imperfections. I wanted it to look like it was just painted, which in fact it just had been, but was showing signs of wear and tear.


This is one of my favourite retouched photographs, one that I feel really works and goes to make the picture a joy to look at.

See other selected photographs from my Portfolio

Just a preview of my next Desktop Photo in my ever increasing series, up to Number 6 now. Really enjoying doing these actually, trying to find the ones that best work as a wallpaper, at least from my perspective. I am really pretty fussy, so am very selective on the images I use myself for Desktop Pictures. But for the most part, the ones I have created I have and continue to use myself on my sweet 24" iMac.

This is my favorite by far and it's a recent photo taken during the storms of last week down the beach at Seaford near the Cuckmere Valley. Yes, I do live in a small sleepy town called Seaford, about 12 miles East of Brighton and about 8 miles West of Eastbourne. Spoi t for scenery down here so do expect further local type photos, but with personality. Not your usual Seaside Postcard snaps.

The beach was pretty cut up where we were, but the seagulls were a plenty with all the washed up 'bird grub'.
Hope to upload the various resolution sizes over the next few days.

I also now have a FLICKR Desktop Photo Collection which you can visit and see all images in all their glory, and you can download them all from there.

I may abandon offering the facility to download from this site as it seems pointless to double up on where these images are stored. So I will no doubt just provide links from this site to the relevant screen resolutions on Flickr.

Seems a logical idea to me frankly.