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Just a few words to report on the overall experience of upgrading my seemingly old WordPress 2.3.1 to WordPress 2.5.1.

See below for subsequent issues and problems after install.

Yes, I did miss out WP2.5 and instead opted to wait for any know issues with 2.5 to be highlighted and straightened out before proceeding. This is always something I do, all the way back from Mac OS 6 and upwards. Rarely would I install a major release without first waiting a few days to see what hits the fan. I would do my part by installing and testing on my own Mac, but I would not install on the Mac's that were in daily operation in my Studio.

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This is one of my 'lighter' reads, but the message is clear as air.

So clear, you would find it hard to actually envisage any depressive being able to convey the thoughts and feelings in a way that a non-depressive might actually have a chance of understanding. Gwyneth manages this in style, humour and decency.

It's a smallish book and will not take long to read, it is littered with wonderful quotes and phrases.

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