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Graham Logo Smith

"If you're a designer, you ain't shit if you don't touch your face in photographs." — DTTF

I so had to get in on this fun. I love touching my own face, rarely a moment goes by when I'm not touching it in one place or another. Now I have a valid reason to share on my face touching photographs with you.

I get that this post, ideally, ought to be about the actual website: Designers Touching Their Faces, but I think a few more of me touching my first is more important.

You are just so very welcome.

Graham Logo Smith-3
Graham Logo Smith
Graham Logo Smith-14

Designers Touching Their Faces

And let's not forgot the reason I started making this post in the first place:

Designers Touching their faces

Once you have admired my photograph, then I suppose you could also take a look at the Designers Touching Their Faces Tumblr, by Nick Foster over on

I just love these Tumblr projects that pop up, and this one is close to my heart. Can't quite tell if it's a piss-take, or a serious homage to the art of face-touching…

Well done to Nick Foster for showing us the admirable company we are in.

I find myself, for the first time, wondering if I should be worried by these imitators. Touching ones face is a true art, it can't be taught, it's gift that keeps on giving…

This was found on Swiss Miss


PS: Oh, and as luck would have it, there is another one of me. The classic 'head in hand' trying to soothe that aching headache.

Graham Logo Smith-16


Checking to see if I'm still alive…

Graham Logo Smith-15 copy

Unsplash - Free Hi-Resolution Photographs - Free Stock Photography

Unsplash - Free Hi-Resolution Photographs - Free Stock Photography

Unsplash Tumblr – Free (do whatever you want) Hi-Resolution Photographs made by

Absolutely in love with Unsplash - free photography: finding myself coming back to the site several times a day just to check out the existing photographs even knowing it's updated every ten days.

Hat tip to Ben Garratt for pointing me to the site.

Such a variety of photographic styles, and content, that you'll almost certainly find something of value. As far as Tumblr websites go, this one is pretty special.

I have used a number of these as backgrounds to some logo designs, for both my portfolio and for client presentations. A recent example of a logotype idea I presented to a client:

Other Free Stock Photography Websites

See also: Unsplash, Gratisography, PicJumboAuthenticSnaps.

Unsplash - Free Hi-Resolution Photographs - Free Stock Photography     Unsplash - Free Hi-Resolution Photographs - Free Stock Photography  Unsplash - Free Hi-Resolution Photographs - Free Stock Photography

Other Free Stock Photography Websites

See also: Unsplash, Gratisography, PicJumboAuthenticSnaps.


Link & Photo Credits

Poster article originally found on FPO : For Print Only 'Periodic Table of Typefaces Poster'.

The amazing photographs of this poster also created by FPO and the above link will take you to the rest of the amazing poster photos.

Periodic Table of Typefaces Poster

This typographic poster, based on the periodic table,  originally kicked around the internet some months back now and proved to be viral in every sense of the word. It literally popped up everywhere, and for good reason. The designer, Camdon Wilde clearly onto a classy winner has now come up with version 2, in a stylish black and silver version.
Typographic poster

Purchase this poster

You can head over to to purchase this awesome poster. My own order already processed. Nice.

Original Poster on Behance

The original poster can be seen here on Behance :


Again, another rant, playing Devils advocate, it's all the same, I'm just moaning.

We hear a lot (I do in any case) about using images to make your post more appealing. These are some of the top suggestions leveled at us as a 'must do', 'should do', 'ought to', 'have to' by a lot of bloggers who apparently know what is best. That to not spice up your post with images is a instant turn off and that some people actually don't even bother to read a post if there is no apparent image or cool graphic. This simply is just a little 'shallow'.
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LandscapeIt took a flash of inspiration, all be it rather long in coming...

What to do with my photo collection. Surely I can do more with them then them just sitting in virtual stillness. So, in a very vain effort to create something more 'organic' than a still photo, I will be creating some special edition branded desktop pictures. For the moment, I will create just several sizes of each, just to see how it darn goes.

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