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Penci Pod

Pencil Pod

Pencil Pod

Remember back when your parents would take you shopping to get your first pencil case, rubber, ruler for school? Remember how cool and exciting it was? Remember how particular cool it was to find that just right pencil case? Remember how cool those white elasticy rubbers were?

Ladies and gentlemen! You can now relive your early academic days with this delightfully elegant Pencil Pod by EatSleepDraw made with eastern white pine. It also comes with Eat, Sleep, Draw pencils and will hold an additional 7 pencils.

It's designed to open up completely. The hinge is composed of incredibly strong rare earth magnets and the wood is finished with Danish oil. The EatSleepDraw emblem is laser engraved into the top.

But be quick my pencil and pencil case junkies: there are only 50 Pencil Pod's left. It will cost you $40 and comes with FREE global shipping.

Buy Your Pencil Pod for $40 from EatSleepDraw:

I have no problem craving a good pencil over a good pen any day of the week. I am currently using some natural wood pencils courtesy of a Veer promotional package which are perfect. If I can't find replacements for those then I am surely tempted with these stunning orange pencils from Rhodia which I found via Doobybrain.

I have no problem paying $2 per pencil as they tend to last longer than any similarly priced budget pen as well as being infinitely more reliable.

Something very satisfying when sketching with a superb quality pencil.

Buy your own Vibrant Orange Rhodio Pencils

kate bush portrait illustration

Kate Bush

As with my previous portrait illustrations, Hannibal Lectar and Elvis Presely, this was copied from a photo, in this case, a record sleeve.

This was one of the most intricate and time consuming portraits completed. Kate's long hair proved to be the culprit for eating huge chunks out of my evening. Not sure it was the best route to take, but I just used a hard 'H3' pencil and press quite hard to draw lots of fine lines, then went over with a softer 'B' range pencil to create the various shades of grey and black. Then used a rubber to create subtle highlights. Not being taught art at college, it was all just the best way at the time.

In terms of impact, this is a real fav of mine. It was an earlier portrait, so before some of my other attempts where I had picked up a few methods to improve overall feel. But even so, still a winner for me.

Some TLC

As with all my original drawings, many have seen better days.There has been a slight use of Photoshop in this version. As these were drawn some years ago, the original sheets have become slightly soiled, the odd crease and pencil marks being worn away. Not to mention light fade. So a high resolution scan then some retouching to bring it back to close to how it originally looked before the soft 'B' pencil marks were rubbed and faded away. I have really boosted the shadow areas in this version, but the pencil marks in the mid-tones and highlight areas still very much visible.