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Clipper Font from Dominic Le-hair

Clipper Font by Dominic Le-hair is one super fat font and thus has been added to the ImJustCreative free and opensource font library for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Ideal for display designs, and the foundation for logotypes, initials etc.

Clipper Font Banner

clipper blue font

Clipper Font Designed by

Dominic Le-hair -


This typeface was created using toenail and fingernail shaped pieces of paper that were cut using nail clippers. I then scanned the typeface and edited it in illustrator then Fontlab. I have created an opentype typeface from it.

The download includes both a TrueType and OpenType version.


Download Clipper and use for free.


If you wish to distribute this font in any way, please contact Dominic directly for appropriate permission.

clipper font design

clipper font being designed

Miso Typeface

Although Miso is not a new font on the scene, it has recently become a firm favorite of mine. Since adding it to a while back, I felt it was also worth adding to my free and open source font library here on IJC. I am all up for helping with the distribution of quality free and open source fonts.


I recently used Miso for a logo project, called Graphic Skyline. Given the architectural/construction nature of Miso, and the iconic use of a city skyline in the logo, Miso was the perfect choice.

Miso Font Designed by

Mårten Nettelbladt -


MISO by Mårten Nettelbladt is a heavy duty typeface for the construction industry*.

Three weights: Light, Regular and Bold. TrueType and OpenType. Completed in 2006.

Miso Typeface Banner


Download Miso and use for free.

Licence Information

MISO is a free typeface. However, there is one important limitation: MISO MUST ALWAYS REMAIN COMPLETELY FREE

You can use MISO for personal and commercial work. You can share MISO with your friends as long as you include this text file.

You must not sell MISO. You must not charge someone else for using MISO. You must not bundle MISO with a sold product.

Use it, share it, but keep it free.

Blackout typeface

Blackout made by : Tyler Finck

Download Blackout

Visit the League of Movable Type for more information.

Download Blackout Typeface

Blackout typeface

Blackout font is a new release, as it popped into my inbox this morning, so grab it whilst it is still fresh and start playing with it.

If you have not visited The League of Movable Type yet, then I would take a minute or two to check it out and sign up to their RSS feed. It's a class site, and they are encouraging people to design and make available class fonts for the Open Source community.

Two styles: Midnight (solid) & 2AM (reversed)

Eats holes for breakfast lunch and dinner. Inspired by filling in sans-serif newspaper headlines. Continually updated with coffee and music. Makes your work louder than the next person’s.

Blackout font


Not Any Old Free Font Will Do

Never ceases to amaze me how designers and typographers spend their valuable hours, only to give away finished results for free, namely fonts. Creating a typeface is a lengthy job, no two ways about it. So hats off to any designer frankly, who is able to design a useable typeface, let alone make it available for free, or release it to the OpenSource Community.

Being a freelance logo designer, finding quality and unique 'free' fonts for that next logo project can be a struggle. Whilst there are 1000's available, many are poor in quality and feel. Finding those 'special' free and open-source fonts is something of a past-time for me.

Here on ImJustCreative, I am trying to find the fonts that are that little bit special, for any number of reasons. Not any old free font will do.


Chunk typeface

Chunk Open Source Typeface

Chunk is an ultra-bold slab serif typeface that is reminiscent of old American Western woodcuts, broadsides, and newspaper headlines. Used mainly for display, the fat block lettering is unreserved yet refined for contemporary use.

Made by Meredith Mandel and available from The League of Movable Type.

Download Chunk Typeface

Chunk opensource font

Neighbourhood Type

Andy Chung took Neighbourhood as a challenge to create something that had the graphic expression of a display face while still maintaining some of the functionality of a text face.

In the end he created something that he feels has the best of both worlds; an ultra simple sans serif text face with a large set of alternates which when combined with the regular characters create a new graphic display look.

Creative Commons

Neighbourhood is being released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa Licence which allows others to remix and tweak all working files.

As of right now Neighbourhood is limited to only a Regular weight, however the project is up for expansion through creative collaboration to whoever is interested in taking part. This collaborative process has already began as the spacing of the font was graciously taken care of by Igino Marini who runs Ikern.

Download Neighbourhood Regular version