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I have recently witnessed (makes me seem so important!) some Blogs where people have left casual (or even sinister) comments saying that they have read a similar article elsewhere (they do say it’s a small world after all). Well, there’s news for me. Then going as far as accusing the writer of stealing that very content. Fair enough I say if it is a blatant ‘copy and paste’, without any citing of the original article or owner, but for me it is often apparent that this is just not the case.

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Since reading Malcom Gladwell's book, 'Blink' I have become considerably more comfortable in my own ability to make the 'correct' decision as a 'snap judgement', instinctual response, emotional or anger, practical or in practical, right or wrong. It would seem for me anyway that my  instinct has been proven right on many occasions which can only fill 'me' with more confidence about the 'inner workings' of 'me' as a person.

It's only if I allow time to doubt myself that it all goes horribly wrong (some would argue my whole life is horribly wrong). Malcom, through many studies and examples gives a convincing case that our instinct is 'mostly' the correct response in any given situation. It is a great book, not huge, so a easy swift read. He also has a web site, and Blog (blog is lacking in recent entries). The book will no doubt leave you feeling a lot more self assured. That's ofcourse if your instincts have generally been spot on. If not, then maybe you should give it a miss! :0)

This following study from University College of London, reinforces this understanding of the human mind.

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