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Securing a descriptive domain name is crucial. Trying to find one that is unique and doesn’t sound corny is another matter.

It’s not coincidence that all these Web 2.0 start-ups have the most amazing ‘made-up’ names going, they have to in order to be different. I don’t need to point out how hard it is nowadays getting a domain to match your business.

Hence when I do a re-brand job, I always use domain names as a reference. If the .com or .uk is already taken, I’ll move onto the next name.

Ideally I need both .com and to be available. As yet I have not had to get the leftovers. What is the point of taking a when the .com is taken or vice versa. Asking for trouble.

So my business names are based on domain availability and this just means you need to be more creative with your thinking. It’s good forward thinking sense to snap up however many of the ‘dot whatsits’ you can possible afford to keep the value of the brand.

So at the end of this long day, I am also a domain Elitist and proud of it.

There are some decent Blog solutions with decent URL’s: SquareSpace to name but one. I have an account here as well as my hosted WordPress account and am happy in this instance to have to have ‘’ sounds OK to me.