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My not so secret weapon...


Tried to resist the urge to blog about the iPad, seems everyone else is fulfilling that spot frequently enough for most of us. But i have considered writing a small piece that would just explain how I would plan to use the Apple iPad. This is a small introduction to a post that Mark Crump on theAppleBlog wrote up which sums up nicely my own thoughts.

I have already decided on buying the iPad, the 3G specifically. I can also give more than adequate reasons why I can justify this purchase. I am not in a position where I can just buy 'nice' gadgets for the sake of it, I really do need to be able to justify, to myself, that the cost is warranted.

When I first started watching the Steve Job's iPad presentation via CNN, I was dubious at best. It seemed a lackluster presentation. It does email, it browses, it does maps etc. Yeah well, so does my iPhone. I was quick to tweet less than positive remarks during this first phase of the iPad introduction. The audience also seemed quiet and subdued for the most part. Steve paused for moments where it felt he was anticipating a raucous response; silence. This didn't help my perception as a whole.

Things changed when they started focusing on the individual aspects of the iPad and my interest peaked. I slowly started seeing just why the iPad has so much potential, now and in the future. And it really does have a future. The last few days I have read and digested a lot of articles and reviews on the iPad and can see clear as light how the iPad will change our perception of mobile computing.

Everyone uses the iPhone release as the example of how we dismissed Apple and the unlikely success of the iPhone, but then developers saw the light and now it is history and the future. The same will happen with the iPad and I know it will beat the iPhone in changing our initial skepticism.

The iPad is consumer wallet friendly

For those that are complaining the iPad doesn't have this or that, you need to remind yourselves that Apple have made huge efforts to keep this iPad cost affective for the majority of us. This is why all those extras you were anticipating are not there. It's not possible to add that kitchen sink and still make it affordable for the rest of us. This is a huge departure for Apple, to break the cycle of releasing products that are cool but also require an investment.

That the iPad is more than adequate, especially for the price.

Business uses for the iPad

So I came across this article on theAppleBlog: Business uses for the iPad. This sums up pretty perfectly my own thoughts and reasoning on how the iPad will compliment and enhance my own working routine.

This article is a no nonsense and practical view on how the iPad could help you if you find yourself have flexibility in your daily working routine.

Mobile working

I do work from home and I also frequently work in coffee shops. I take my work anywhere I can sit down and do some sketching, some reading or some light email and web browsing, not to mention keeping in the Twitter dialogue on a daily basis. I am grateful for this flexibility in my day after 20 plus years of working in rather dark and spaceless studios.

I currently haul my 17" MacBook Pro and my iPhone when out and about. With my books, my notepads and moisturising cream and bottle of water; this becomes quite a bundle to carry. I can easily visualise being able to slip the iPad in my shoulder bad and slip the MacBook out for a much lighter out of office experience. For those of you used to hauling the 17" around, you know what I mean. With that extra battery pack, the mains charger it becomes quite a beast.

I have on occasion considered swapping the 17" for a leaner and lighter 13" or 15" for this very reason, but felt it wasn't the answer I was looking for. The iPad now seems like this missing link for portability in casual mobile computing.

The iPad will be a welcome relief.