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The silence of Lambs Helvetica Movie Poster

The Silence of the Lambs

A self initiated poster design based on an actual illustration of Hannibal Lecter that I drew some years ago. The drawing was done in pencil and charcoal only. It's sat in my archives for years, so felt I could add some more life to it by creating a movie poster from it.

Huge high resolution version can be seen on Flickr.

From my Illustration Portfolio - Hannibal Lecter Portrait

A lost art

Sadly I don't seem to be able to have the time on my hands to really sit down and spend the hours it would take me to complete my illustrations.

This one is one of my favourites and must of took 20 hours or so. Not that I was counting, but I would obsess over detail and quite often get so far, erased too much and too often and would start over again. All until I was happy in myself that it resembled a face and not some horrid warped mistake.

If I had a penny for every time someone suggested I should take this into the street and offer the street portraits, I would be rather well off. Fact is, I was just slow. No way could I create anything remotely decent in the time these portraits artists knock out their unique art.

Hannibal Lecture

This was copied from a poster and I would just get my pad, lay down on my bed with the original propped up against the wall and start sketching. Not the ideal bodily position I'm sure, but it worked for me. I did try desks, art tables, but the more natural laying down position seemed to be more helpful and comfortable.

The eyes certainly came out a little larger than intended, but I was more than happy to let that go as for me, it sort of added to the potential terror that Hannibal oozed. Those big evil eyes just boring dark endless shafts into your soul.

Some TLC

There has been a slight use of Photoshop in this version. As these were drawn some years ago, the original sheets have become slightly soiled, the odd crease and pencil marks being worn away. Not to mention light fade. So a high resolution scan then some retouching to bring it back to close to how it originally looked before the soft 'B' pencil marks were rubbed and faded away. I have really boosted the shadow areas in this version, but the pencil marks in the mid-tones and highlight areas still very much visible.