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This is a rather special self submitted list. Are you stupid? Are you a stupid failure? Are you a stupid and utter embarrasment to colleagues and friends? Are you in fact so stupid, that you have perfected the art of cloak and dagger, you are in fact a closet secret failure.

On the outside apparently cool, calm and collected, with nothing but a string of good fortune behind them, but secretly hide a shame that's just too awful to contemplate?

If so, then this list is for you. It's for all creatives, designers and geeks that have failed abysmally at not succeeding in life or their chosen career and just being plain stupid. You have even failed at being stupid.

Me me me!

Add personal details to the comments at the end of this post, so all may mock and ridicule you for being so stupid. Also allowing prospective new employee's or clients to carefully check if they are potentially hiring a stupid person.

Please give full information about your shame and embarrassment, and any references or links to examples that may prove useful to those laughing at you.

Post History

This was first posted nearly a year ago, under the guise of being a failure, opposed to being stupid. But frankly, they are both one of the same, so, I have decided to 'rebrand' this post.

After the release of my Don't be Stupid Poster I decided to milk that quote for all that it is worth. Shameful I know, but not stupid.