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June 26, 2009

The Dont Be Stupid List for Stupid Designers and Geeks


This is a rather special self submitted list. Are you stupid? Are you a stupid failure? Are you a stupid and utter embarrasment to colleagues and friends? Are you in fact so stupid, that you have perfected the art of cloak and dagger, you are in fact a closet secret failure.

On the outside apparently cool, calm and collected, with nothing but a string of good fortune behind them, but secretly hide a shame that’s just too awful to contemplate?

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December 21, 2008

30+ Ultimate UK Designers and Geeks on Twitter – Part 2

So here we are, finally after a good month of posting the initial ‘Shout Out’ for the Best UK Designers and Geeks on Twitter, this post contains a selection of the UK Tweets who submitted their details for inclusion in this Twitter list. This is not a collection I went out researching, most are all self-submitted, so I am sure many many other UK Twits are not on here.…

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