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There are a number of well known inspiration and submission sites, or Social Image Bookmarking, like FFFFound, ImgFav, Dropular, I Heart This, ImageSpark,, YayEveryday, PicoCool. Most of these are pretty mainstream, but I have encountered some other cool sites worthy of a bookmark or two. A few border on being portfolio sites as well, but all are great places to expand your thirst for visual inspiration.

Topics are broad for most of these sites and include : Typography, Art, Illustration, Photography, Logos, Advertising, Interactive Media etc.

Have also included appropriate Twitter Id's as well.

WebTrendMap and Twitter Lists

The following sites are also listed on my WebTrendMap and Twitter Design & Inspiration List.

Also, don't forget my pal's super turbo charged Twitter List '' by @ImRogB which has over 900 followers to date.

If you know of any other creative inspiration sites not listed above or below, then please do leave a comment with details. I am not really fussed with specific sites like website or logo inspiration sites, more general in nature.


Venitlate Inspiration

Website :
Twitter : @Ventilate



Website :
Twitter : @MonoModa



Website :
Twitter : @VisuelleUK


Design Taxi

Website :
Twitter : @DesignTaxi



Website :
Twitter : @DeTnk



Website :
Twitter : @Society6



Website :
Twitter : @CompFight



Website :
Twitter : @DripBook

Wrote a short DripBook Review which you may find of use.



Website :
Twitter : @ShareSomeCandy

Wrote a short ShareSomeCandy Review which you may find of use.

FFFfound invite

FFFFound Invite Giveaway Winner

Was cool to be able to offer an FFFFound invite up like this, shame I could not offer more, but it's one invite per 'invite' so to speak. So I narrowed down the list of potentials, then randomly chose one name from 10.

The FFFFound invite goes to Damien Basile (@db).

Now you can all pester Damien for his one invite... ;0) #kaboom

Find me on other bookmarking sites

I am pretty active on the following : Posterous, FFFFound, ImgFav, Dropular, I Heart This, ImageSpark,, YayEveryday, PicoCool.


FFFfound invite

FFFFound Invite Giveaway

Time for a slightly different giveaway. A giveaway that will give one lucky winner access to the FFFFound Image Bookmarking network. It's a unique opportunity as you probably know, trying to get hands on these rare invites is almost impossible.

This giveaway will require some proof of your passion for all things 'image bookmarking'.

FFFound invite giveaway

How to enter

When leaving a comment, please indicate what other image bookmarking sites you currently use. Give URL's of your existing profiles, sites could include : ImgFav, Dropular, I Heart This, ImageSpark,, YayEveryday, PicoCool.

I will cast my beady eye over your previous contributions and choose 10 that I feel are 'worthy' contenders for a FFFFound invite. It's not about volume necessarily, neither is it about how many sites you contribute to. If you have one main site like Dropular, and you post regularly then that's good. It is not dependent on 'how' many image bookmarking sites you contribute to, it's more about what you post and when.

Let's put it this way, if you contribute in any form to any image bookmarking sites, you WILL be considered for inclusion in the final 10.

Then one name will be randomly picked and announced on here at some point in the next few weeks.

It will be based on who I think utilises existing image bookmarking sites in a way that means the invite will be best used.

Honestly, I don't have a God or control complex, but just trying to follow the FFFFound philosophy, by keeping the network exclusive to genuine contributors.


After what seems like years waiting for the impossible to happen, getting invited to the awesome inspiration bookmarking site, FFFFound, it happened. I have made passionate pleas before seeking invites, but always the same sad ending. However, on the 14th September 2009, someone heard my passionate request and sent me their one and only invite for FFFFound.

Thanks to @Embee

Huge thanks to Embee on Twitter for putting me out of my misery and sending me that one precious invite to FFFFound. I am very much in your debt, and been having lot's of fun with it.

Please don't email me asking for an invite. I don't have any to give.

My Profile on FFFFound

So if you have any interest in hooking up with me on FFFFound or just seeing the type of images that inspire me, then you can check out my profile :