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Since the Twitter, FaceBook and FriendFeed Follow lists, I have been focusing on several other Micro-Blogging platforms. The main one namely being

Identica has a very loyal user base which is continuing to grow at speed and more importantly, itself is rapidly progressing in functionality.

As a tool for social media and social networking it’s often underrated.

In the past, I chatted about, trying to drum up some enthusiasm, my main motive being, what happens if Twitter goes down. I know for a fact that when Twitter does suffer an outage it causes much dismay and disruption for a heck of a lot of people. Yet few have any viable back-up that is anything close to Twitter in day to day use and functionality. FaceBook and FriendFeed are quite different beasts.

And without followers and contacts, being on another platform is close to useless.

I also started a discussion over at SocialMedian about ‘what happened if Twitter died’, so if you want to take a peek, pop on over there.

Establish an Identica Presence

So my feeling was that as a pretty awesome creative community, we could sort of create a back-up network. This really isn’t doing justice to because it’s so much more than a back-up to Twitter, it is a viable alternative. At the moment, it still lacks the user base to persuade many people to even consider it. So by designating it the back-up, it instantly becomes more popular and more used. Which is a good thing for great application.

And when Twitter does go down for any length of time, most of us wont be sat stunned, not knowing what to do, we can just shift over to and start chatting again.

The cool thing with is it’s close ties to Twitter. From within you can automatically post to your Twitter stream. Twhirl supports, so you can have a window up as well as Twitter and FriendFeed. The iPhone now has dedicated applications also. So it’s very well supported and becoming more so.

What to do

Simply add your Identica profile/user ID as a reply to this post, with a small Bio of what you do, stand for, work as, aim for etc. No harm in using the Twitter Bio for this really.


This is a rather special self submitted list. Are you stupid? Are you a stupid failure? Are you a stupid and utter embarrasment to colleagues and friends? Are you in fact so stupid, that you have perfected the art of cloak and dagger, you are in fact a closet secret failure.

On the outside apparently cool, calm and collected, with nothing but a string of good fortune behind them, but secretly hide a shame that's just too awful to contemplate?

If so, then this list is for you. It's for all creatives, designers and geeks that have failed abysmally at not succeeding in life or their chosen career and just being plain stupid. You have even failed at being stupid.

Me me me!

Add personal details to the comments at the end of this post, so all may mock and ridicule you for being so stupid. Also allowing prospective new employee's or clients to carefully check if they are potentially hiring a stupid person.

Please give full information about your shame and embarrassment, and any references or links to examples that may prove useful to those laughing at you.

Post History

This was first posted nearly a year ago, under the guise of being a failure, opposed to being stupid. But frankly, they are both one of the same, so, I have decided to 'rebrand' this post.

After the release of my Don't be Stupid Poster I decided to milk that quote for all that it is worth. Shameful I know, but not stupid.

How Graphic Designers Promote


How Freelance Graphic Designers Promote & Brand Themselves – Part 1

This is Part 1 of the Logo Design Round-Up series. This ongoing series showcases a collection of logos and brand marks, self submitted by a bunch of freelance designers and graphic designers in many creative areas. These designers use the logos to sell, promote, brand and market their various skills.

You can view other posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11, Part 12Part 13Part 14 and Part 15.

If you want to be part of this logo design series, then details can be found at the bottom of this post.

What this collection is not

This is not a competition, it's not a best of, it's not a who has the best logo, it's not a collection of logos that I have chosen. It is simply logos supplied by those that wanted to be part of this post. And a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted. For those of you that have submitted, but your logo is not here, you will be in the next part.

Logo Roundup - Part 1

Krissy Gogel - 6b Design

My goal while designing this logo was to come up with something clean and simple, but not too boring. I  wanted the “6b” separate from “Design” so that it could be used by itself. I chose this final design because it looks good on the website as well as on business cards.

Adelle Charles - Fuel Your Creativity

The old logo was nice & simple but wasn't really an identity (mark). I needed for it to be more versatile which I why I chose to play off the "fuel" and "fire" icon. Something that could stand on it's own going forward.

Niki Brown - Graphic + Web Designer

I decided to brand myself with a funky typeface called Candy Script. Its playful and bold - just like me. I also decided to add my office mouse illustration into the mix to show off my illustration skills. On my website ( the illustration of the mouse changes from page to page based on the content.

JD Weagley

I chose to design my logo in the way that I did because I wanted it to convey a bit of a message.  My main core of business comes from churches and non-profits, the name itself is from Philippians 4:13 ('I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'), which is also why I took the silhouette of the mountains and the guy with his arms raised.  I felt it showed both strength and praise to God. My font choices were based upon what I felt went together well.

David Millar - Puzzle Creator

I designed it because I was in need of something simple that kind of says "hand-drawn/handmade" and also that you solve the puzzles I make on paper. The pen idea came from when I was just slopping together a logo for an experimental Spanish version of my site for my Spanish class.

The logo was made in Inkscape and looks best on white. On my business cards it's on a plain white background, but on my site it has a white glow and is over top of a header background

Kenroy George

The requirements set forth for this logo was to utilize the first initials of my first and last name. I wanted something that was simply as possible. It had to be able to work well on both the web and on print. Lastly, I needed a logo that was able to stay relevant 10-20 years from now so there were no particular styles used.

Some personal details were interjected as well. The '+' signifies my neutral position on most things in life. The color pink is a middle finger to gender colorization. I love pink and in no way does that make me "girly". Ed: Yes it does! ;0)

Arbenting - The act of being Creative

The Arbenting logo came about through a bit of a route.  When we first started (the original incarnation of our graphic design business), Arbenting was a blog that was attached later. The blog was another beast altogether, it was something a bit different than the main site, and it was about the process. Hence the act of being creative. Which we felt defined the blog, and also gave us the inspiration for typing the title as if it were an entry in a dictionary.

Jonathan Lackey | vp, creative director

This version is instances where it can bleed off the right side. I use this as labels, letterhead and esignatures.

There is not much to the overall concept behind the logo. The name is my wife's maiden name and after a year+ brainstorming for the perfect name this hit me. It's short, memorable and starts with a Z. What more could you ask for. I used simple type treatment to keep an elegant flexible mark.

Angela Ballinger

My thoughts were that I wanted flexibility so that I could change colors and style of other things without completely alienating the brand I’ll be working so hard to create.  There was no fancy reasoning behind the design. I wanted to accent the “a” to use on its own, and I liked the tight and semi-symmetrical spacing of the rest.  I may or may not use the tag, and I may or may not change the location or font of the tag.

Bruce Colthart - Creative llc

I’ve only recently settled on this monogram for my logo. While not yet fully implemented, it does satisfy my need for something simple (but not too elementary), engaging (but not overly complex), flexible (will accept different treatments and work in different arrangements), highly reproducible (scalable and legible at different sizes, in different media) and reflecting some finesse.

Any text (my business name, etc.) will be set apart from this mark. Because I don’t like or use them close together, there is no permanent relationship between the two. That’s part of this badge’s built-in flexibility.

Ben Barber - Firstbright

The idea originally was for a light bulb to represent the bright ideas part of the brand, but as this was to common so I thought of a shooting star which would naturally replace the dot above the i which I then added to, making the tail go further into the distance to give the logo a modern look with more dimension, so it wasn't as flat.

The colors chosen are to represent the clean fresh nature of my companies work.

Rajesh Pancholi - r27 creativelab

It’s based on the my initial and DOB. It started out as more of a tag with an interest in graffiti many years ago and developed from there. It’ll keep changing as time goes on, as the studio and career progresses. Saying that its due for a change now, so watch this space...

Khayyam Wakil

It's a clothing company I'm starting up that will resonate with the cold winters up here in Canada.  Everyone would know this kind of apparel as a hooded sweatshirt or hoodie.  Where I come from it's only known as:

I needed a brand that could easily be recognized and easily applied to an embroidered logo, it had to stretch across a myriad of applications.  Something cute and not too cute, simple and not too simple... you get the drift.  Follow the white rabbit...

Johns Beharry

I got tired of using a name that portrayed me as a company. So these past months I've been on a little journey to develop my own style. I wanted to be more personal to show the real me. I think it worked out.

Eli Penner - Sleepy Hero

The brand of my site is pretty much due to the name of the company. I find that names that kind of go against what the site does are usually quite effective at being remembered. Nobody wants to hire a sleepy web designer. I think this logo goes really well with the idea of fun and cute and approachable.


The Video Version -YourJustCreative

Video Post | Intro to the new Blog, YourJustCreative from Graham Smith on Vimeo.

The text version - YourJustCreative

Just a quick summary as the video details more than enough information on it. After playing around with the design and structure for the Featured Nice Person slot on the WAJC home page, and also the ongoing collection of data for the creative Portfolios I have been doing for the last two months, I felt a unique home was needed.

WAJC I can see becoming a number of things, so separating off the showcasing of the Portfolios I felt would be a nice idea, especially for the creative being featured. I still plan to post about each new person on WAJC to spread the word with links obviously to YJC.

So one full page will be dedicated to each featured person. This will likely include photo or photos, bio, some portfolio examples, a social media section where you can list the main places you hang out (like a contact section). The other idea, not essential, will be a blog post that the the said featured person can write. Thus opening up comments and further continuation of the conversation and for you to milk it for as much as you want.

It's your page, so up to you to Float it, Bump it, StumbleUpon it, REDDIT it, DIGG it yada yada.

Subscribe to YourJustCreative

The site is not totally ready yet, but there is a splash page for YourJustCreative where you can sign up to the FeedBurner RSS feeds etc to keep in touch etc with developments and to be notified of the first ever Featured Creative.

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