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The Coffee Co•Op Brand Identity by Jake Dugard has taken my breath away; this is some seriously cool creative talent. 

The real travesty is that The Coffee Co•Op is a fictional company— this was for a grad school campaign—so you can't even enjoy the spectacular creative work that Jake has put into this.

I would even go so far as saying this has to be one of the best coffee identities I have seen, real or concept.

That for me is a real crying shame, and almost seems such a hideous waste of such a great coffee identity. There will be no holding one of those gorgeous coffee mugs in your hand. :0(

Before I realised this was a concept I was about to hook it over on LogoStack. No can do.

Putting all that aside; kudos to Jake, and hat-tip to The Dieline for posting it originally.

View The Coffee Co•Op Identity over on Jake's portfolio


Coffee & Cigarettes POster

Unearthed this Coffee & Cigarettes Poster on Not much you can really say about this, the combination of coffee cup and cigarette within the ampersand almost looks natural. Really well executed, clean and simple.

Piccsy has a great collection of art and photographs, free to browse, but an invite is required to post and submit your own images.

It is a site that has a large number of 'erotic' images, so if you are of a puritanical disposition, best walk away now.