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Helvetica Lager designed by Sasha Kischenko

Helvetica Stout designed by Sasha Kischenko

Helvetica Beer designed by Sasha Kischenko

This Helvetica Beer, Stout and Lager Cans project, designed by Sasha Kischenko, has been around a while, but it seemed to have slipped me by. Which bothers me…

There is hardly nothing on this earth that I wouldn't mind, actually love, to see an alternative Helvetica version of. We have had the Helvetica Bike and Helvetica The Perfume: "The Scent of Nothing", the gorgeous Helvetica Moleskines and a crap load of other Helvetica themed items.

I do really like this Helvetica beer, stout and lager can project though.

So given I'm not so much a larger drinker, I would be thinking it would be pretty neat to see a Helvetica Cider done? Anyone?

Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 1

Carhartt Logotype WIP Process by Sergey Shapiron

Really enjoy studying these marvellous hand-drawn lettered sketches for Carhartt, by Sergey Shapiron. These have not been designed to replace the main Carhartt brand logo, but for an upcoming 2014 collection.

Sergey Shapiron: "Some of hand drawn/written sketches I did while working on a new t-shirt design for Carhartt-WIP 2014 collection. All sketches are scanned without any further tweaks done."

Quite a variation in lettering styles with some being far less readable than others, but as it's all exploratory work one has to take design to the limits in order to fully assess your 'window of opportunity', so-to-speak.

I have only selected a few of the Carhartt sketches, but there are loads more over on Sergey's Behance profile.

Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 3 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 4 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 5 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 6 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 7

Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 9 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 10 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 11 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 12 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 13 Carhartt-WIP process by Sergey Shapiro 14

Carhartt Logotype WIP Process by Sergey Shapiron


QUB Font by Adi Dizdarevic - Free Download

So many modular and block fonts out there at the moment, but when I saw QUB, I was particularly struck by how cool it is. Even cooler that it's a free download. Found via Typography Served.

The designer behind this font is Adi Dizdarevic and  you can follow Adi on Twitter.

Visit Adi's site to download the font.

Download more free fonts, some exclusive to ImJustCreative.

High Five Font is another free font exclusive for ImJustCreative, continuing the process of helping designers spread the word about their font creations. You can download High Five font for free below.

High Five on Behance

The font designer - Matthew Kempton

Having spent the last 4 years working in London as a designer for digital agencies, I've been lucky to work for some fantastic clients and on some really exciting projects.

Having a background in print I still have a love and huge appreciation for tangible design. I try not to become to stylistic and approach each project with an open mind.

Connect with Matthew

Website :
Behance :
Twitter :

About the font

High Five started about a year ago as a personal logo and on a trip to NYC in September I became aware of the  Museum of Art and design and the similarities the two logos shared. I got inspired to complete it - the result: My first attempt at a typeface: a bold, bulky, blocky and playful typeface.

It's name has come from a project I'm working on with a friend -

Its only a beta version but I wanted to get it done and get it out there before I get sidetracked by another project.

Font Licencing

All rights are reserved by Matthew Kempton. You may use High Five freely for noncommercial and personal purposes, such as creating a logo for a personal web site, free web design materials, goods or banners. When used, please credit Matthew.

Please contact Austin Roesberg before using the fonts for commercial purposes, such as for commercial products, stores or companies logos, TV, books and magazines, or CDs.

Font Distribution

Please note this is a exclusive download. You are not permitted to redistribute this font as a direct download from any other site. If you wish to list High Five in your blog as part of a font post/listing then you can do so, but please direct your readers to this post for the font download.

Download High Five exclusively from ImJustCreative.

Vilhelmia Free Vector Font

This is the 2nd free vector font from Gustuv that I have available here for download on IJC. The first one being Teodoria.

The download of Vilhelmia (Behance Link) comes as a Illustrator file, fully editable as you see fit. It will provide a solid framework for your own remix or use as is. Comes in two styles, solid tint style and graduated tint style.

ImJustCreative 58

Designed by

Gustuv Jerlardtz
Behance Profile -
Twitter - Jerlardtz
Facebook - Gustav Jerlardtz

Three new font styles added to the ImJustCreative free and opensource font library. This time a triple helping from Gustav Jerlardtz.

I originally saw this new font, Teodoria, on his Behance profile several months back. I emailed him asking if would consider making it available for a free download, and here we are.


Download Teodoria and use for free.


If you wish to distribute this font in any way, please contact Gustav directly for appropriate permission.


Link & Photo Credits

Poster article originally found on FPO : For Print Only 'Periodic Table of Typefaces Poster'.

The amazing photographs of this poster also created by FPO and the above link will take you to the rest of the amazing poster photos.

Periodic Table of Typefaces Poster

This typographic poster, based on the periodic table,  originally kicked around the internet some months back now and proved to be viral in every sense of the word. It literally popped up everywhere, and for good reason. The designer, Camdon Wilde clearly onto a classy winner has now come up with version 2, in a stylish black and silver version.
Typographic poster

Purchase this poster

You can head over to to purchase this awesome poster. My own order already processed. Nice.

Original Poster on Behance

The original poster can be seen here on Behance :



IlliadSans Font Designed by

Fábio Duart Martins -

About IlliadSans

I first saw Illiard on Behance some months back, and with no mention of availability, I felt curious enough to email Fabio and ask what the deal was. The deal is that right now, IlliadSans is far from complete, but does have a full compliment of lowercase characters in all 3 weights: Extra Light, Book and Black.

It lacks uppercase, diactric marks, italics and much more.

It is therefore available as an incomplete Beta font for download here on ImJustCreative. So big thanks to Fábio for being such a sport.


Download IlliadSans (all three weights) as a ZIP archive.


The deal

Hearing that it was incomplete didn't change my mind, I still wanted to get my hands on it, and if Fábio agreed, wanted to post it along with the other fonts I have for download on this site. My reasoning to Fábio was that getting 'live' working feedback may be really useful. So I asked Fábio if he would still consider making it available to me for download as a early Beta trial on IJC. Specifically for those just curious or wanting to actually use it for a logo project for example. As designers, we love fonts, even if they are incomplete or only available as vector, they are still fonts.

There is also something to be said for having limited access to a font thats just not available for download any where else. We just like the fact that we are using a very 'rare' font and not available on every free font website known to man.

So feel free to download and give it a whirl. I do encourage you to leave feedback for Fábio if you have anything useful to add about the design etc. Even send a link if you have used it in a project, be great to see it in this regard.

Fábio also has created a few other awesome fonts, which you can see direct on his website, one of them called 'MOO!' This is also available for download here on IJC.



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