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Came across this via Mr Khayyam Wakil @IAmKhayyam (Formspring) on Twitter and thought it was a pretty neat idea, nicely implemented. Simple and to the point. Not sure why you would want to ask me anything, last time I looked I was the dictionary meaning of dull. In case there are other people out there duller than me, then here I am.


I will try my best to answer all questions unless they are just blatantly stupid and offensive. It seems the email notification system isn't working for me, so there will likely be a delay in me getting to answer the questions.

Feel free to approach any subjects, personal and professional. I am, contrary to popular opinion, very easy going and it takes a fair amount to offend me, but I will draw the line on certain subjects. Some questions recently have been quite 'deep', so I will try to reply in kind, but these may take me a short while to answer, but answer I will. Until I get bored with a new website fad and see it fade into obscurity.

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