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All Archived Posts in almost friendly permalinks

This is a update to my previous post No Mod-Rewrite? Want permalink minus the 'index-php'

Good news is that live tests with my The Logo Smith are showing no undesirable bugs, will need to keep at it to see if access through Google etc has been affected due to the URL change. To see what it looks like without this 'fix', and with the 'index-php' in the permalink, take a look at one of my other Blogs on WordPress, Time4Balance.

The latest is however, the solution appears to be at Server level, rather than being a plug-in, or code change. At least for moment. See below for possible 'easy solution'.

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Some breaking news.

Check my permalinks and you will see that there is no 'index.php' in site even though I can't use Mod_Rewrite. No more ugly 'Index.php' in my URL's. Read more