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Surfacing issues and bugs with 'my' install of WordPress 2.5.1 - 2.5.1 AutoSave Bug

This is quite common so it would seem and is a very very frustrating one at that. Simply, the Autosave kicks in on a repeated cycle, thus pretty much locking you out of the site.
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Just a few words to report on the overall experience of upgrading my seemingly old WordPress 2.3.1 to WordPress 2.5.1.

See below for subsequent issues and problems after install.

Yes, I did miss out WP2.5 and instead opted to wait for any know issues with 2.5 to be highlighted and straightened out before proceeding. This is always something I do, all the way back from Mac OS 6 and upwards. Rarely would I install a major release without first waiting a few days to see what hits the fan. I would do my part by installing and testing on my own Mac, but I would not install on the Mac's that were in daily operation in my Studio.

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