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Even if the Feed/Subscription options on that Blog only offer RSS updates!

Yes, it's true. If you are like me, I hope for your sake you are not, then you like to receive Blog updates by email to you in-box rather than just RSS. I am just lazy, and find it hard to keep checking my RSS reader, which by the way is the fabulous and now FREE 'NetNewsWire' for the Apple Mac by Newsgator.

Its just so easy to have the news come to you as and when it's available, and I find it much easier to keep track of particular topics of interest by saving the email.

We use FeedBurner for our syndicated feeds, both RSS and email, giving the user the choice. But some sites do not offer the choice, often just offering RSS feeds and not the email option. Which I have to say, find quite odd... but that's just me and another story.

FeedBlitz - the leading RSS and blog to email serviceFortunately, I have started using Feedblitz, similar to FeedBurner, for subscribing to sites that don't offer Email subscription. Feedblitz, allows you to submit ANY Blog address in order to receive the updates by email, regardless if the site only offer standard RSS feeds. You do need to 'sign up' first and create an account before you can add email address's.

So, to sum up, even if the greatest Blog you have ever stumbled upon does not offer Email Updates, then you can do it yourself and have them all delivered to your in-box. Great.

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