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If you have not been touched by yet then I would say you soon will be, especially as you are now reading about it here, so I guess would be hard not to have not heard it, especially as you have got this far reading.

But point is, there has been a tremendous amount of buzz being generated by which is hard to ignore. Because if you do, you tend to get penalised in some form for doing so. So some timely advice, if you get tapped up by this chap, then for God's sake, go along with him, humour him if you must. It totally will be in your very best interests to do so, everyone wins so it would seem if you join in the fun.


When he tapped me up for one of his new ideas, Twunliners, I was just getting my feet back into the Blogging arena after more than a few weeks away for personal reasons. In hindsight, I can't lay claim to it being the best interview I have given, but it was fun and it has proven to be great for our site stats. His approach to asking you questions is quite direct, and caught me off guard. Unsurprisingly after a few glasses of wine, my typing abilities were somewhat impaired but my need to waffle was as unstoppable as always. The brutal reality is if you ignore or don't cooperate, then you are likely to be labeled as unfriendly or unapproachable (not in a vindictive way I must add, just a little fun at pointing out those that maybe should take a little more time to comment to those of us who attempt to chat), which is not the point of Social Networking, so round of applause for daring to go head to head with the less charitable of us.


There is already a small community of Twitter followers that are behind and more are joining the fold. His recent post on Top 8 FRIENDLY designers WORTH following on Twitter! has seen quite a response in the number of comments left on what is a pretty new blog.

The 8 on the list (I am also on the list, but not going to include myself here for modesty reasons, but that makes it 9, which is something you need to take up with Styletime if it bothers you that much!), in no special order:


Onto his relentless DIGG activities, for me I have now seen aspects of DIGG that I had not seen or fully appreciated before, so yet another motivational speech succeeds. You can find him on DIGG here:Styletime. And ofcourse you can find me on DIGG: ImJustCreative.

I think there is a simple motto here, the more you participate with , the more you allow yourself to get swept up with his unimaginable motivation and insane enthusiasm, the more beneficial it can all be for everyone.

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