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TomandTeddy design by imjustcreativeTomandTeddy logo design by imjustcreativeTomandTeddy logo design by imjustcreative



Tom & Teddy Promo shot

TomandTeddy website

Tom & Teddy logo and identity designed for a father and son themed fashion swimwear brand.

This type based logo was designed so that it would work across many physical and digital formats, small and large, including: printed/embossed on exterior swimwear tags, hanging store tags, embroidered or screen printed directly onto the clothing, website and printed forms of advertising and promotional materials.

Tom & Teddy Logo Usage Guidelines

Tom & Teddy Logo Guidelines 4


Tom & Teddy Logo Guidelines 2

Tom & Teddy Logo Guidelines 3


Tom & Teddy Logo Guidelines

Tom & Teddy Logo Guidelines 1

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