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Antony Usher: Logo, Brand Identity Design

Estate Agent logo brand identity designed by The Logo Smith

Estate Agent Logo For Sale Sold Board


Estate agent logo design and brand identity package for London based online estate agency, Antony Usher. To create a prominent visual identity to compete in an already visually saturated area.

I advised the client on a number of areas which included convincing him to to his real name as his brand opposed to something less personable. I felt this was very important as the business would be offering a more direct and personal level of service than usual. We also had the advantage that his name is reasonable unique, so this left us with plenty of options for securing memorable domain URL’s etc.

I also advised on the creation of a word based logo rather than integrating a separate logo mark. As the client was looking forward to some identify mark I found a way to use, and pull-out, the “o” in his name, and tie this to the major feature of his business: that this estate agent is based purely online, and deals with clients directly on location. The “o” is then applied as the main design feature across the identity as well as having a direct link to his core business model.



Estate Agent Logo Design Brand dentity Stationery design

Estate Agent Logo Design Business Cards

This simple use of the “o” allowed for many styling opportunities that really created a bold, colourful, stand-out estate agent logo and brand identity design. I applied this to his Twitter background, too encapsulated/ (weather proof) calling cards (above), For Sale and Sold signs as well as plans to use car sign wraps to place the “o” completely over and around any work vehicle.

The estate agent boards (below) were kept as simple, but as glaringly obvious as was aesthetically possible, and appropriate, to outshine other For Sale and Sold Estate Agent boards. I tend to feel that many estate agent boards are too busy, cluttered, messy and just not easy to read. All you really need is the agent’s name and main contact information. Get people’s attention with colour or design as well as having the brand name clearly placed, but not so busy that people have a choice of things to remember.

All we need is for people to retain the brand name as this is usually easier to memorise than a number or URL. It’s then just a simple case of doing a Google search.

Don’t sacrifice legibility, and solid design, for information overload. No need to make estate agent boards like a fully loaded business card. 

Estate Agent Logo Design For Sale Sold Signs

Estate Agent Logo Design Twitter Background

Estate Agent Logo Design Sheet

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