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The Nike Logo Project

The Nike Logo Project

The Nike Logo Project

The Nike Logo Project

The Nike Logo Project

The Nike Logo Project (photographs courtesy of Sole Movement) is the sort of thing that is really worth soiling your underwear over. I would do quite a lot to get a chance to visit Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon and marvel in the awesomeness of the Nike Logo Project—and the Nike Logo Project just sounds so cool.

Just imagine that experience. I guess some would like to look at the shoes as well.

This stunning exhibit details each logo, name, year and campaign arranged in some vague form of Periodic Table. There are many more photographs over on Sole Movement.

Trying to find out if a book of this entire Nike logo collection is planned, or even available? Read a few comments on Sole Movement that reference a book, but nothing of significance.

Also trying to find an official Nike link/website/page to the Nike Logo Project, but all links/websites/photography ultimately come back to Sole Movement. Seems odd that nothing official is jumping out at me in Google.


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