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Not being at all familiar with the National Organization for Women I had to assume that the above logo observation was a bit of a "spoof". Seemingly this observation has been around for some time, but having just seen it for the first time I really did want to share.

What you see above is the official logo for NOW, and has a very special double meaning incorporated into the logo: Iron NOW. I would really love to think that the logo designer, being anti-feminist, did this as a wonderful practical joke.

I do get that an "iron" isn't entirely accurate representation to what women are looking to distance themselves from, but it really is just comical.

I d take women seriously, I respect and admire them—and by saying that I almost sound patronizing, but I'm not. What I find hard is respecting those that feel the world owes them something, or whom just feel inadequate for whatever personal/collective reason they have. Why don't you put all your collective anger towards rallying for world peace, or something a little more important than worrying about yourselves. Then you might just be taken a little more seriously in the process.  Also, get a new bloody logo.

The National Organization for Women branded with a hot steaming iron. Iron-y just isn't remotely adequate.

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