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Miso Typeface

Although Miso is not a new font on the scene, it has recently become a firm favorite of mine. Since adding it to a while back, I felt it was also worth adding to my free and open source font library here on IJC. I am all up for helping with the distribution of quality free and open source fonts.


I recently used Miso for a logo project, called Graphic Skyline. Given the architectural/construction nature of Miso, and the iconic use of a city skyline in the logo, Miso was the perfect choice.

Miso Font Designed by

Mårten Nettelbladt -


MISO by Mårten Nettelbladt is a heavy duty typeface for the construction industry*.

Three weights: Light, Regular and Bold. TrueType and OpenType. Completed in 2006.

Miso Typeface Banner


Download Miso and use for free.

Licence Information

MISO is a free typeface. However, there is one important limitation: MISO MUST ALWAYS REMAIN COMPLETELY FREE

You can use MISO for personal and commercial work. You can share MISO with your friends as long as you include this text file.

You must not sell MISO. You must not charge someone else for using MISO. You must not bundle MISO with a sold product.

Use it, share it, but keep it free.

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Posted By: The Logo Smith: Freelance Logo & Brand Identity Designer.


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