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M plus fonts

M+ Outline TypeFace

M+ Outline TypeFace from MPlus Fonts, is an astonishing free typographic collection of 42 weights and styles of sans-serif gorgeousness. Thanks to 1stWebDesigner for the initial heads-up for this font.

It features proportional and fixed-halfwidth Latin, fixed-fullwidth Japanese character set.

M+ P is aimed as sophisticated and relaxed design, while M+ C is optimized to be proportioned well in typesetting. Each have 2 variations: Type-1 (M+ P Type-1, M+ C Type-1) are intended to use with M+ 1 Japanese glyphs; Type-2 (M+ P Type-2, M+ C Type-2) has several altenative glyphs different from Type-1 to match with the design of M+ 2 Japanese glyphs.


M+ FONTS are a font family under the Free license. You can use, copy, and distribute it, with or without modification, either commercially and non commercially.

You can download it for Free using the link below.


Available Styles

Visit MPlus Fonts for a complete visual list of available styles.

m plus fonts


Download M+ Typeface via Sourceforge. This is fair size file, it has been compressed, but still a good few megabytes.

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