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Identity & Lettering For “Louis” By Jon Contino

Identity and lettering for season two of "Louie"

Identity and lettering for season two of "Louie"

Identity and lettering for season two of "Louie"

Heard great things about this TV series called "Louis", by stand-up comedian: Louis C. K. over on FX Networks—also heard that Louis C.K. is now selling gig tickets direct to the public and thus cutting out the middle man. Way to go!

So anyway: the talented Jon Contino (@joncontino) was responsible for the: Identity design, illustration, and lettering used in motion graphics development for season two of "Louie", with art direction by Nathaniel Howe.

There are only three of these intensely cool images on his website, but I can already see what immense fun this must have been to do. I love the idea of going all digitally and virtually graffiti-ed up on some buildings myself.

Love this project.

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