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I love good recources, we all do. Yet there are so many to choose from, to remember to sift through it can be come quite overwhelming.

I for one, use Delicious to bookmark the posts that I find particularly cool and useful and Stumble most others. But as much as I love Delicious, I have needed more direct access to these posts that I have previously bookmarked. Not to mention the somewhat hit and miss affair of Delicious Tags etc.

So this is where Posterous came in. It's no big secret that I love Posterous, it's such a awesomely simply tool to get posts and photos up in no time at all. I post most days from my iPhone to my personal Posterous blog, ImJustGraham. Mostly photos of Dylan granted, but it's a lovely way to stay connected and also it creates a wonderful history trail.


So the Junkie sites came about after a bit of trial and error. I initially intended to use Twitter for this purpose, to set up individual Twitter accounts, such as LogoJunkies, TypeJunkies etc to tweet new links as and when I saw them. But managing all these accounts became problematic, not to mention the ongoing process of getting new followers for each one. So I have pretty much abandoned that method. But I still felt the Junkie method was worth pursuing.

First and foremost they are a library of some of the more interesting and useful posts, links, articles and resources. All neatly stored in one easy to use Posterous blog. The emphasis is on what I personally like, subjects that I love and content that interest me. They are an extended personal resource of all the things that I love from Type, Logos, Photoshop, Macs etc.

So now rather than having to wade through countless tags in Delicious or remember the best sites to visit, I now have a neat collection of subject relative Posterous Blogs that house only one subject.

If others find them of use then great, but even if not, they serve a useful purpose for me. My very own way of managing and collecting useful news and information.

Where credit is due

I make it clear that these are just excerpts or references to the original articles, there is no intention here to RIP of other peoples work. Quite the opposite, by inluding them in the Junkie blogs, I am actually helping spread the word of these awesome post and articles. I post just enough to get attention, but have to visit the original source to follow up on the post. I will not include download links for recourses or include full posts.

The list so far

  1. LogoDesignJunkies
  2. TypeJunkies
  3. MacJunkies
  4. iPhone Photography
  5. PhotoshopJunkies
  6. DesignJunkies
  7. TextureJunkies
  8. jQueryJunkies
  9. ProjectJunkies
  10. TwitterJunkies
  11. SocialMediaJunkies
  12. BrushJunkies
  13. ThemeJunkies
  14. BrandJunkies
  15. CodeJunkies
  16. Minimalicity (just a different name)

Some may just come and go, some new ones may pop up. Just depends on how things go, and the flow of information.

Submit your own links

Please feel free to suggest links and resources that you feel others would benefit from. Im ideally looking for the 'better' articles etc, rather than 'every' post going. But please feel free to leave a comment on the blog in question with the link you feel would be worth adding and I will take it from there. If the link is published, then I will also add a credit link for that person.

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