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Although not new to photography, taken continuous shots of surfaces for the sole purpose of creating a texture pack is. This is my first foray into Textures.

More of a iPhone Experiment

Coming from a  commercial Pre-Press background, with the well worn in knowledge of high resolution pixels, what makes a image good and poor, these iPhone images are certainly not 'epic' in quality when compared to the usual high resolution textures you may be used to.

Saying all that, the subject matter is pretty cool, and there are some beautiful images there that I am sure you can manipulate to create something useful. Even if not, it was fun for me and cool to put the iPhone thought it's pace. But there is enough resolution there for you to mess around, and even use as is for web backgrounds etc. So I am hopeful, even with the limited resolution of the iPhone, these textures will be of use.

Technical Information

Width : 1800 pixels

Height : 1200 pixels

Resolution : 300 pixels

Camera : iPhone

Editing : Some Photoshop contrast and cropping.

Texture Information

These rusty textures are taken from Seaford beach, specifically the iron sea defences at the bottom of Seaford Head. The colour and variety of textures and colours is really quite extraordinary. Bright oranges, reds and even hues of dark blue against the many layers of rust and flakes. So many variations, so many patterns. 

Taken around midday with a full sun and clear blue sky. 

I have certainly enjoyed this little project and don't understand why I have not taken to it earlier. So expect a number of other Texture Packs from me over the coming months.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Speficially if you like the subject matter and feel that it would be worth me taking the same shots with my proper digital SLR.


DOWNLOAD You can download the entire pack as a ZIP.

iPhone Texture Pack #1 - Rusted Sea Iron

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