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If you want your agency website to stand out from the rest then I Shot The Serif, by tothepoint,  is one way to go about it. Some might say tothepoint are following in the foot-steps of the controversial of over gamification of non game iPhone applications. Some might say it's rad and fun.

I think that tothepoint has a cute way to make their website stand out in amongst 100's of competing creative agencies.

Also I Shot The Serif actually rather fun. It's easy in that it's mostly obvious what letters are serifs, but the problem is that each level has a growing amount of letters on to shoot at and time starts getting super tight. Starts of super easy but before you know it you are grasping the mouse as the time quickly counts down… and YOU'RE out!!

tothepoint also has a free iPhone version of I Shot The Serif

I Shot The Serif is not the only serving of light entertainment on their website. If you go to Fun you'll see a selection of goodies to try, download and play with.

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