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Harbor Originals is a result of a unused client idea. The logomark received some favourable feedback when I posted the initial idea for a previous client on Facebook.

Although in this case, the client felt it inappropriate for her target market, she did mention it would be more than suitable for someone else in a different geographical area.

So with some tweaking and twonking, I came up with this version. The name came about after some hefty brainstorming, the focus was to create a reliable and almost established company name.

As this is more of a 'concept' idea, rather than being a commissioned project, I have opted to put this on Brandstack.


The logotype is contrast of sans-serif and serif styles, creating a very grounded, classy and stylish feel. The logomark was created to conjour up a mixture of associations, from shells, to sea and subtle hint of sail shapes.

The sans-serif portion is using Hoefler & Frere-Jones Verlag and the serif portion is using MrsEaves by Emigre.


Logo and domain for sale over at Brandstack : Comes with domain name with 1 years registration.

Brandstack Profile :

You can follow Brandstack on Twitter @Brandstack

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