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This project is inspired by a post by Ian P. Hines who was inspired by a post by Naz Hamid who may or may not have been inspired by someone else.

The Personal Page, a few lines about me with some strategic links.

For this project, I decided to buy the domain, given that the main TLD’s were long gone, I considered that .info was a very appropriate choice, given it’s info about me. Sometimes you left with the dregs, but in this case, it worked out very nicely.

Not sure how I will use or integrate ‘The Personal Page‘ just yet, maybe as URL of choice for Twitter. I need to look into that as I last read that your Twitter home page gives good juice – if you have enough people linking to it –  not sure if that is true or not. Have added it as a link on my email signatures and anywhere else where I can shoe horn it in, including my Facebook profile.

I believe this a better choice than these ready made about me/profile sites you can get. More unique and customisable if you have the know-how of which I don’t have much but I know someone who does. I have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dribbble, Designspiration and my other web projects wired in. Also, a quick email link and a downloadable vCard for good measure.

Get the code

For now, I have just used the raw code kindly donated by Naz which you can find via The Personal Page. There is a nice resizing effect with the background image when you alter the browser window shape, try it.

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