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There are a number of well known inspiration and submission sites, or Social Image Bookmarking, like FFFFound, ImgFav, Dropular, I Heart This, ImageSpark,, YayEveryday, PicoCool. Most of these are pretty mainstream, but I have encountered some other cool sites worthy of a bookmark or two. A few border on being portfolio sites as well, but all are great places to expand your thirst for visual inspiration.

Topics are broad for most of these sites and include : Typography, Art, Illustration, Photography, Logos, Advertising, Interactive Media etc.

Have also included appropriate Twitter Id's as well.

WebTrendMap and Twitter Lists

The following sites are also listed on my WebTrendMap and Twitter Design & Inspiration List.

Also, don't forget my pal's super turbo charged Twitter List '' by @ImRogB which has over 900 followers to date.

If you know of any other creative inspiration sites not listed above or below, then please do leave a comment with details. I am not really fussed with specific sites like website or logo inspiration sites, more general in nature.


Venitlate Inspiration

Website :
Twitter : @Ventilate



Website :
Twitter : @MonoModa



Website :
Twitter : @VisuelleUK


Design Taxi

Website :
Twitter : @DesignTaxi



Website :
Twitter : @DeTnk



Website :
Twitter : @Society6



Website :
Twitter : @CompFight



Website :
Twitter : @DripBook

Wrote a short DripBook Review which you may find of use.



Website :
Twitter : @ShareSomeCandy

Wrote a short ShareSomeCandy Review which you may find of use.

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