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The winners of the 10 Feedly iPhone App's giveaway 'Feedly iPhone App Launch Giveaway' are as follows':

  1. Lindsey @CSSGirl
  2. Steve Cummins @StvCummins
  3. Matthew Ballard @mathewballard
  4. Adele @marshmalotoast
  5. Thomas Britton @thomas_britton
  6. @hellopanos
  7. Trevor Gerzen @tgerz
  8. Peter Morovic @pezike
  9. Emory Dunn @emorydunn
  10. Germaine Irwin @girwin17

Important Note for Winners

The current version is an Early Adopter Preview. It functions really well, but Feedly are constantly making improvements with a view to release the main version in January.

January is the time when the main version of the Feedly iPhone app will be launched.

Therefore you have two choices. You can either take the prize now and run with the Early Adopter Preview, or wait until the main version is launched and run with it then.

Please email me : [email protected] with your preference of 'feedly now' or 'feedly wait' with your full name and email address that I can send the iTunes voucher to.

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