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FAQ’s: useful information if you are considering hiring me

This FAQ page contains a few nuggets of info about how I work and what I can do/can't do for you etc. It's somewhat clinical in tone, but l hope it may provide you with some useful informational nourishment.

Looking for a suitable logo designer can be quite a challenge, so if there is anything at all I can help you with please please do not hesitate to get in contact.

  • What I can do for you
  • What I won't do for you
  • What you get for your money
  • Budgets & Payments
  • Schedules & Timings
  • Style, OCD & Passion
  • Case Studies
  • Resources

I primarily design logo marks, identity marks, pictorial marks, letterform marks, wordmarks and icons. I provide services that relate to the design and development of the identity or logomark and basic graphic collateral such as stationery and marketing merchandise.

On completion of the logo project I can provide valuable advice on the complexities of commercial printing, and print finishing. I have extensive experience working in these environments gained from 24 years in the industry.

I can promise you I will work tirelessly to envisage, create and design you a successful logo and/or identity. If you would like clarification on the subject of branding, please do get in contact.

I like to think I am as transparent and approachable as one can be given the, often-times, geographical challenges. You can call me, video chat conference me, and even come to see me if you are close by. I don't hide behind a anonymous website.

If you need a web application icon, or mobile app icon then I can help. I have developed app icons for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows PC.

I totally love to brainstorm wonderful new company names and tag lines.

Given the importance of having a social media presence nowadays, I will endeavour to create a logo, or icon mark, that will adapt to being used as a website favicon and as a profile image for social media sites like: Twitter, Google+ and Facebook etc.

Appropriate use and consideration of typographic styles in a logo design is paramount. The wrong typographic treatment can make or break an otherwise good logomark design. I spend considerable time researching the most appropriate typeface for the project, and in some cases I will customise these fonts to ensure a more tailored fit.

Most completed logo projects over £1000 will receive a single page set of Logo Usage Guidelines (information on the construction of the logo, as well as important guidelines).

I just love my job to bits, so you can be sure you'll be getting the best from me at every turn. I look upon every logo design as though my life depended on it, and in a sense it does, as my reputation is not something I would choose to gamble with.

I will not promise you (nor should, any other designer or agency) that I can design you a successful brand. The creation of a successful brand cannot be promised by anyone. Any designer who says they will design you a successful brand simply is playing fast & loose with you.

I will not promise you a 2-4 day turnaround. Logo and rebrand identity design is most typically a process of evolution and research. If you need a logo for your business within 48 hours, I doubt I can help.

I will not compete with the £50 clip-art style logo design websites. These are logo designs in the loosest possible sense.

I will not use clip art, or other forms of preformed artwork.

I will not provide you with 2-4 concepts or ideas, one of which you must choose. My logo design process is natural, free flowing, organic with thoughts and ideas evolving with thorough research, sketching and thinking. I will work with you, and show you, my intended directions at various points of the process.

It's important to stress that I will not force upon you a logo design you simply do not like. There are no nasty surprises when you work with me: you'll never have to choose an idea you don't like.

I will not use, or fall back on, quick and easy visual cliches in my designs.

I am unable to work the 'design-by-committee' approach, or more specially, approval-by-committee. If the approval of a logo design has to be passed by various people, then this needs to be discussed with me prior to starting. I will provide you with a tried-and-tested plan for working within this scenario.

I am unable to help with the complex matter of copyright and trademarking. This is an area that is best given to a copyright and trademark lawyer.

I will not pass over digital files, on the completion of a project, if there are payments outstanding. All designs, concepts and artwork the property of Graham Smith until payment is received. If final payment is not forthcoming, I reserve the right to reuse or amend any of these ideas for other clients, or to be used freely as concepts-for sale in my portfolio.

Each project is different in terms of what the 'deliverables' are, but I can give you a good idea of what each project does get at the very least:

1. Primary logo design supplied in various digital file formats.
2. Alternative logo lock-ups (horizontal and vertical layouts etc).
3. Colour and monochrome versions, if appropriate.
4. Social Media and favicon version (square icon) of primary logo (if requested).
5. Letterhead, business cards, invoices and any other forms of stationery design (if requested)
6. One-two page logo usage guidelines: showing how logo should be used, styles and typography (more detailed guidelines can be provided upon request)
7. Specification of typographic choices used in logo: primary font (main logo wording) and secondary font (such as tag-line, also possibly used as body copy for stationery etc).
8. Ongoing help, assistance and consultation even when the final balance is paid, and initial project requirements are completed. I don't close the doors on clients after the job is done. So if in 3 months time you realise you need a another logo lock-up, more stationery designs, then just ask.

On average the for an average logo design project is around the £2,000-£6,000 mark. This I would say makes up 75% of my work, yearly. 15% accounts for the £6,000-£10,000+ range with the remaining 10% taking up the sub £1,000 range.

All work is important to me, regardless of the budget, and I do seriously consider taking on the sub £1000, or non-profit, projects if my schedule allows for it. It's just historically I have attracted the larger projects with larger budgets.

If you are in need of a professionally designed logo, but are struggling with finances, please do still get in contact with me.

I prefer the complete balance up-front, if at all possible. If this is not possible then the payment plan usually breaks down into a few payments: Typically a 50% - 75% deposit, followed by the final balance.

My payment methods are: Paypal, Bank Transfer (local or overseas) with cheque/PO as a last resort. Would never turn down cash…

I try to keep my Current Schedule notice, top right of my website header, up-to-date with the approximate wait & booking-in times. The waiting period is simply the time before I can start a new project.

The general rule is: allow as much time as is feasibly possible for a typical logo design project. 4-6 weeks is an ideal average for a £1000-£4000 range logo, 6-12 weeks for projects upwards of £4000. I have been known to 'rush-out' projects in 1-2 weeks, and although the results are OK, it's not a desirable situation to be in.

I have even 'rushed' out a logo in 36hours, but the client paid through-the-roof for that one, as it meant me working through the night. I will always consider such herculean tasks, but expect to pay richly for it.

For 'rush' projects (1-2 weeks) expect to pay more for the privilege.

Not sure if I would go as far as saying, "one has a certain style", but I certainly do adhere to certain aesthetics, methodology, behavioral and even psychological perimeters, in the development of my logo and identity designs.

I obsess and cry over details, and strive whole heartily towards developing and design clean, strong and unique logo designs for each and every client I am fortunate to be able to work with.

To give you a better idea of the type of work, research, effort, commitment I put into my logo designs, the assorted articles should help: The Auto NetworkADXPRSAWS Consultancy, Brokers Direct, PureStorage, Tamara Kauffman, Apple & Eve, Orb Web Solutions, Foehn & Hirsch, WavePulse Acoustics, KeyboardKahuna, LoveAmpersand

I have created a one-page dummy of my Logo Design Brief so that you can see, in advance, all the questions that are asked: Download Dummy Brief,

The following link is an example of a typical preliminary proposal that I send out after receiving the completed Logo Design Brief: Download Example Proposal

I look upon every logo design as though my life depended on it, and in a sense it does, as my reputation is not something I would choose to gamble with.

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