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Evolution of the Herman Miller Logo 1905-2011

In my continuing search to find awesome for tack I am continuing to find, and unearth, interesting articles, pieces of history related to the s I love and admire. Now we have Herman Miller.

The Herman Miller  has always been one of these that I have long enjoyed viewing. It creatively stimulates me in a similar way to the Leica , and always find my self drawn to those red dots and clear white mark interiors.

So whilst digging around to find out the story behind the Herman Miller I came across a brief blog post on the Herman Miller website documenting, in images, the evolution of the Herman Miller and since 1905.

Like other notable brands: Starbucks, Levis, Apple, Nike,  Herman Miller has recently eliminated the brand name from the main brand mark leaving just the beautiful red dot to carry the brand, as seen in the first image above.

What follows is a brief visual history of the Herman Miller and as seen on their original blog post, .

Herman Miller _c5271a40_ and _683a7ff3_

1905The of the Michigan Star Furniture Company was a standalone banner similar to other of that genre.

1923D.J. De Pree buys the company and names it after his Father-in-law, Herman Miller. While the is updated it maintains the strong linear quality of it’s 1905 predecessor.

1946Irving Harper, working for George Nelson, redesigns the and creates the iconic “M”, which was featured prominently in advertising at the time.

1948The ed in 1946 used in promotional advertising.

1952 – The same being used in more promotional advertising.

1960John Massey, in keeping with the times, sets Herman Miller in —all lowercase—and locks it to the “M”, creating a that lasted for almost 40 years.

1960The Herman Miller mark used in promotional materials.

1999Months of exploration resulted in an updated Typeface, Meta, and the placement of the “M” in a circle, which continued to be locked with “HermanMiller”—now one word.

2011HermanMiller now removed from the mark which now represents the entire Herman Miller brand as seen on their website.







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