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This is a fantastic brand and packaging experiment study by Jørn - Joeren Beyer where alcohol has been repacked in carton Ecohols:

"How would the products from the big spirits brands, they filled their place in distinctive bottles in cartons? Times change, what remains of the brand? How would products of great brands of alcoholic spirits look like, if they were packed in cartons instead of their prominent beverage bottles? Times are changing, what remains of the fire?"

Neurological rewiring

When I look at the Absolute Vodka packaging, I get a real sense of uneasiness, my brain assumes white means milk yet the idea of drinking vodka from it creates a vision of congealed vodka and milk.

When I look at the Jagermeister carton I can't help but feel this is like some  form of Tropicana.

Quite a head spin.

I think it would take quite a bit of social reprogramming before people would feel OK to drink anything other than juice or milk from Tetrapaks.

Found via BumBumBum.

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Ecohols - Alcohol Packaged In TetraPaks By Jørn

Ecohols - Alcohol Packaged In TetraPaks By Jørn

Ecohols - Alcohol Packaged In TetraPaks By Jørn

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