Dribbble Pro Account Giveaway Results

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Better late than never here are the 3 winners for the Dribbble I posted sometime last century.

The 3 names have been selected at random and so have no bearing on the type of work you have Dribbbled so far. Interestingly there is a distinct lack of females in the , very male dominated seemingly.

The Next Giveaway

Just prepping a new give-away which is for Issue 3 of 8Faces of which I have 2 copies to giveaway, so make sure you are subscribed and following me if you don't want to miss out.

The 3 Pro Winners

1. Adam Lorber @adamlorber http://dribbble.com/adamlorber

2. Adam Grason @adamgrason http://dribbble.com/adamgrason

3. Dru Bramlett @drueyy http://dribbble.com/drueyyy

So well done to you 3 so please send me a note so that we can arrange the Paypal transfer. You are of course not obliged to use that money for a Pro account, and you could use it for beer instead, but if I don't see your account transformed into a Pro account within 2 weeks I will throw a pissy fit.

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